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What you don’t understand about Trevor Noah

So it’s 2 a.m. and I’m up scrolling through my Facebook feed. I was literally about to log off when this YouTube video came up.

The title is what caught my attention, “What Trevor Noah Doesn’t Understand.” Huh? What does that mean?

Trevor Noah is the host of the late night comedy show, The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

Noah did an interview with The Blaze host Tomi Lahren, who is widely known for her “final thoughts” on the responses of the liberal “snowflakes” to everything from social justice issues to Donald Trump.

I watched the YouTube video and the vlogger basically says that Trevor Noah shouldn’t speak so softly to Lahren because that’s not how she talks about our views and us. And by us, I mean people of color, liberals, feminists, black lives matter advocates, proud millennials… Must I continue?

Anyway, the vlogger says that Trevor Noah couldn’t understand the challenges of African Americans in America, so he should just be quiet.

YIKES. Because they couldn’t be MORE wrong.

Well, I did this vlogger a favor, and explained why everything about what they said was wrong, and instead of a six-minute video, I got it down to nine points:

1. Trevor Noah is a mixed race, white and black, immigrant born in apartheid South Africa. So, LOL at the idea that he doesn’t understand oppression.

2. You cannot take someone’s words and dissect them in order for them to fit the description that you deemed them to mean. When anyone with any logical reasoning skills takes it at face value, and tells him good job.

3. The only way to get the “right” to understand what we go through as oppressed or “left” people, and as the mighty culture of people we are, is to CONTINUE to extend an olive branch. You mean because he didn’t “shred” her that his interview didn’t go well?

4. We will never have a conversation with people who are different from us unless we actively continue to seek one. How will people learn if they’re not educated? Who will best educate them other than the people who have lived it?

5. It is absolutely RIDICULOUS to, as the vlogger so eloquently said, grandstand against someone who literally had our back as a people. And always will. Did you watch his interview with Tomi Lahren? You couldn’t have, at all. Before people continue with this rhetoric, do some research before you attack someone’s knowledge, experience or education.

6. Some feel that his being nice to her after his fans who misinterpreted his message, were completely disrespectful to her was “odd.” Why do you care that he’s a nice human being? We need more people like that.

7. He kept the message light. He knew that arguing or provoking a hostile environment would do nothing to further the cause. And I completely agree. What would that have done? Would it have proved that he could scream, too?

8. I take issue when people target irrelevant facts about someone in an attempt to prove a point. What did his ratings and performance on his previous shows have to do with his education on the topic of oppression of people of color? Tried it. And try again.

9. Finally, this is what’s wrong with America right now. How dare you tell someone that their way of interacting with someone like Lahren was wrong? We all handle these things in different ways. Noah kept it light. But he made his point. He couldn’t force her to hear him. If anyone could, then I don’t think we would be continuing to have this conversation at all.

Don’t agree? Too bad. Don’t @ me. Thanks.