Big Rapids gets cultural

Festival of the Arts is back again

The Festival of the Arts of Big Rapids invites students to participate in events they have planned this month for students and local residents.

The first event kicks off 10 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 28, and is titled Festival of Artists. FSU’s Kappa Kappa Psi fraternity are involved with this event orchestrating a musical instrument petting zoo.

These events are a mixture of cultural events such as dance, music and art. The festival is not limited to cultural events as it will also include educational events involving literature and history.

Ferris languages and literature instructor Roxanne Cullen said the festival will have entertainment events along with workshops that specialists will teach to participants.

“Some of the events sound fun, especially doing something new. If I can have fun and learn something, I’m down,” Ferris health administration sophomore Alana Brown said.

Approximately five Ferris student organizations will be involved with the festival this year.

“We encourage students to participate. Some of the events they have planned are designed for children so it is kid friendly,” Cullen said.

Things to expect at this year’s festival are impersonators, theatrical acts and a date night.

This is the tenth year the city of Big Rapids and Ferris State have collaborated for the festival.

This festival was designed for people to explore different kinds of art, and as an opportunity to learn more about different culture components.

For more information on this year’s Festival of the Arts, visit