President Eisler issues statement on Immigration Executive Order

University President issues statement to Ferris community in wake of President Donald Trump's Executive Order

President Donald Trump signed an executive order into action which prevents citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for the next 90 days and bars refugees from entering the States for the next 120 days. 

The seven named countries are: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. As it currently stands, the order could also prohibit legal dual-citizens from re-entering America if they leave its borders. This has an affect on both study abroad and international students at Ferris State. 

Ferris social work senior and Office of Multicultural Student Services intern Antoinette Welch believes that Bulldogs everywhere should unite against the executive order in order to protect those that it may affect. 

“Students should care about this because it’s taking away rights of humans. We have rights to our rights,” Welch said. “As a Ferris community we should stand against Trump’s executive order.”

The University of Michigan, Michigan State University and and many other colleges across America issued statements that the immigration status of its students and staff would not be disclosed to the federal government in order to protect staff and students from the executive order. 

Ferris State University President David Eisler released a statement addressing the executive order and its potential effect on students on Monday, Jan. 30.

“This order affects our international community here at Ferris State University and compromises the opportunities for study abroad, international travel and the employment and enrollment of faculty, staff and students,” Eisler said. 

Eisler’s statement did not directly state whether or not the immigration status information of its staff and students would be disclosed. 

“Our core values remain at the heart of this institution and its commitment to opportunity, diversity and equality for all. Together we will work through this period of uncertainty and provide the support and assistance our international students, faculty and staff need during this challenging time,” Eisler said. 

Ferris Provost Paul Blake will be hosting a meeting with the Office of International Education and the Diversity and Inclusion Office in the coming week to address concerns on how this executive order may affect international students working or studying at Ferris. The time and date of the meeting has yet to be announced.


The statement can be read in full by clicking here