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Indie music event makes debut

Bands handling their own business and producing their own music are coming to Ferris to perform and answer questions about their craft.

“The Indie Showcase is when all independent artists come to Ferris State University. So, that means they do all their own management, tour managing, recording and whatever else. Also, they’re not signed to a label,” said Ferris music industry management senior Kat Cody.

Indie Showcase will give students at Ferris an in-depth look at what these performers do, not just musically but every day as independent artists.

The performances will each be an hour long, and will feature another hour-long question and answer session for students to pick the brains of the performers for information relating to performing, business, band management and any other related information students want to know.

“In the music industry, there’s no one defined road that you have to go down,” Cody said. “There’s so many different roads. Bands have a bunch of different ways of rising to success, so every band has a different story, and I want to make sure people are aware of that. It’s really an educational thing, and it’s super cool to see these bands following their dreams.”