Is it OK to punch a Nazi?

Response to the Richard Spencer incident

Alt-right advocate Richard Spencer was punched in the face twice while being interviewed on Friday, Jan. 20. Photo from Richard Spencer’s Twitter account

“Is it OK to punch a Nazi?”

My answer: yes.

It’s a question that has taken the media by storm ever since white supremacist Richard Spencer got punched in the side of the face Friday, Jan. 20. A quick recap of the event goes like this:

Richard Spencer is the man who coined the term “alt-right” and is the president of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist (supremacist) organization. He was in the middle of a filmed interview on a Washington, D.C. street corner during Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. A man ran up and punched Spencer on his right cheek, interrupting the interview. The man fled while Spencer stumbled away holding his cheek, but clearly fine.

The incident quickly hit the media and created an uproar. Debates began over the question, “Is it OK to punch a Nazi?” Many people saw no issue in punching a Nazi, while others supported Spencer, claiming violence was not warranted.

Then did we, as Americans, decide to support Nazis? In WWII, we prided ourselves on killing fascist, genocidal Nazis. Why do we now support those with parallel ideals to German Nazis? This is what Richard Spencer advocates for the country—“a dispossessed white race” and call for “peaceful ethnic cleansing.” If you aren’t sure what that means, he calls for America to eradicate the country of people of color, Muslims, Jews and Homosexuals. Does this not sound like the Nazis visions of a “pure Aryan race”?

He has stated that gay men will not enjoy monogamy, therefore he does not support same-sex marriage. He called Trump’s presidential victory “the victory of the will,” a reference to the Nazi-era propaganda film, “Triumph of the Will.” He supported the selection of Steve Bannon, an extreme alt-right individual who beat up his wife and is an openly anti-Semitic for White House strategist.

If this isn’t enough information to call Richard Spencer a Nazi, I’m not sure what is.

Over the past week, media outlets were cluttered with people posting their opinion over the question “Is it OK to punch a Nazi?” Some people believe that punching a Nazi is fair. Some believe a punch is not enough, while others believe there is no place where unwarranted violence is acceptable.

That is so wrong about punching a Nazi? If you advocate hate and the eradication of non-whites from the country, you deserve far worse than a punch. Spencer tried to argue that he is  not a Nazi, but a far right supporter. Yet, everything he preaches aligns with Nazi ideals, which means he is a modern day Nazi and should be punched.

In a response to his “assault,” Spencer stated white nationalists (supremacists) should provide protection for themselves if police cannot. 

Now I have a request for the police: if a Nazi is getting punched, please let it happen.