Ferris DPS responds to disorderly subjects in residence hall

Non-students cause issues in Merrill/Travis Residence Hall, including broken window

Police from Ferris’ Department of Public Safety and the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Department apprehended three individuals who were suspected to be non-students causing issues in the Merrill/Travis Residence Hall. Photo by: Samantha Dow | Photographer

Three individuals who are not Ferris students entered the Merill Travis residence hall and caused issues with hall staff, including a broken window. 

Members of hall staff believed the rowdy individuals weren’t students and called Ferris’ Department of Public Safety (DPS) at approximately 5:15 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 5, to address the situation. The three individuals fled the area. 

“The hall staff does a really great job of keeping the peace and making sure that everyone is safe in the residence halls,” Ferris DPS Director Bruce Borkovich said. 

Three individuals matching the description given by hall staff were spotted on foot less than 30 minutes later, and were stopped by police in front of the IRC on State Street. The suspects were uncooperative, so they were detained until backup from DPS and the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Department arrived. Four police cars in total were present on the scene. 

“If we respond with enough officers to keep everyone safe it can’t be overkill,” Borkovich said. “When we have three people not cooperating it’s better to have multiple officers on site than to have one officer in case he gets into a fight.”

The three individuals were eventually released and not charged for any crimes.

Ferris’ DPS can be reached at (231) 591-5000 for non-emergency matters or crimes can be reported to the campus crime hotline at (231) 591-5900.