Chat with the Chief: Big money

It makes the world go ‘round but it can’t buy happiness. They say that money talks and this week, the Torch was listening.

We’ve included a special three-page section focused on all things money in this week’s newspaper. Students are all paying customers shelling out big bucks for an education, so it’s important to track where that money ends up.

Ferris is a non-profit organization, but it still rakes in millions of dollars every year in tuition from more than 14,000 students and receives state funding.

Yet, enrollment is down and it’s taking campus budgets down with it. Ferris isn’t exactly selling off the farm yet—as evidenced by several ongoing construction projects—but financial belts all around campus are being tightened nonetheless. So, what’s the effect?

Flip this paper over and read pages 14-16 to follow the dollar from your pocket all the way through your college experience.