Show me the money

A look into the costs of Ferris Hockey

Ferris students can purchase season tickets to sit in the Dawg Pound for $99, while adults must pay $200 to attend every Bulldog home game. Single-game tickets vary from $8 to $16. Photo by: Andrea Cordes | Torch Photographer

Hockey games draw the biggest crowds of all of the Ferris athletic teams but just how much work goes into the production of one game?

There are a variety of components to consider in the cost and profits of a single hockey game at Ferris, including ticket sales, concessions, Pro-Shop profits and labor.

Throughout the first 13 home games of the season, Ferris has averaged $7,640 in net ticket sales, which make up the largest portion of profit when compared to the $1,000-plus net concession sales and the $930 net Pro-Shop profits per game. All of these numbers are totaled once labor and fees are deducted from the original amount.

Ferris hockey brings in a total of about $16,000 per game after these profits are added to other sources of income.

In addition to these components, there are other sources of revenue of which Ferris takes advantage. One of these sources is renting out the ice to local teams and clubs.

“We do all sorts of things to raise money,” said Ferris facilities manager Craig Wotta.“For example, Big Rapids high school comes in and uses the arena four or five times a week. We also often host public skating events and youth hockey tournaments.”

While Ferris sports programs draw such items as ticket sales into account, coaches rely heavily on fundraising.

For Head Coach Bob Daniels and his hockey team, a lot of that fundraising comes from the Ferris State Hockey Blue line Club. Donations from the Blue line Club are often used for anything the hockey team may need.

“Fundraising is very important for coaches,”Wotta said. “The Blue line Club, for example, could buy such things as heart monitors for players to help aid coaches and trainers in adjusting rotations based on the heart activity of each player. ”

While most fans don’t pay too much mind to the revenue and fees involved in Bulldog hockey games, one number that directly involves student fans is three. “

The Dawg Pound has sold out for three straight years,” Wotta said. “It’s great to see students coming to the games. Watching Bulldog hockey is great for student morale and it also builds school spirit.”