All aboard!

Bandwagon fans in Big Rapids

When the Chicago Cubs won the MLB World Series, “fly the W” was seen everywhere in Big Rapids from pickup trucks to every other apartment window and wall. When the Patriots won Super Bowl LI, “Brady’s the best” was yelled throughout the parking lot at my apartments. Facebook became flooded with GOAT memes and all-of-a-sudden Patriots fans saying “deflate this.” My question is, where was this support for either team before the success?

The Cubs are one of America’s most beloved franchises, being the loveable losers of most of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. After hiring manager Joe Maddon, the Cubs became top dogs. Prior to the 2016 playoffs, you could not tell who was a Cubs fan here at Ferris unless you talked to them. Now that the Cubs are world champs, just look at their Facebook timeline and Chicago jerseys bought in October. All aboard the bandwagon.

Next stop on the bandwagon is the New England Patriots. Unlike the Cubs, the Patriots have been the model franchise in all of sports for most of the last decade… depending on your perspective. Some would call the Pats cheaters as they have been involved in infamous scandals such as Spygate and Deflategate. Despite heavy sanctions placed on the organization for each scandal, the Patriots have more wins than any other team and have won five of seven Super Bowls they’ve played in the last 15 years.

Prior to the Super Bowl, there was nothing but hate for the perpetual AFC champs. However, history repeats itself as Facebook feeds switch from pictures of deflated Lombardi trophies to pictures of Jesus holding a baby goat with the face of Tom Brady. Beware of the bandwagon fan who gloats that his team won when they didn’t go through the struggle of losing with them.

Here’s how to spot one at Ferris:

1. If someone is walking to class with Patriots gear and they have not worn it all year, you have a bandwagon fan.

2. If you see your social media feed filled with more Patriots images than ever, your friends are bandwagon fans.

3. If you see someone get out of their car with Patriots gear and a “fly the W” flag… Understood?