Your voice matters

Panel of Ferris Administrators opens the floor to student questions and concerns

Student Government hosted a panel of Ferris Administration for their annual Student Voices Matter,  but this year, there was a different focus. 

“It’s an event that Student Government hosts every year, but with all the issues that have come up with the recent election, it was an opportunity for students to bring any issues they have, whether it’s political or something on campus,” said Ferris health care systems administration senior Katie Thompson.

Mark Schuelke, Director of the University Center, Joy Pufhal, Dean of Student Life, Jerry Scoby, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Dr. Jeanine Ward-Roof, Vice President of Student Affairs, Director Bruce Borkovich, Chief of Ferris’ Department of Public Safety, Dr. David Eisler, President of Ferris State University, Carrie Donovan, Assistant Dean of FLITE and Josh Olszewski, Student Government President made up the panel.

Students raised questions from ‘Will Ferris do a better job with snow removal and salting?’ to ‘What is Ferris doing to protect international and LGBT students?”

The panel had a response for every question, took notes and promised to pass information along to the person that could make a difference.

Ferris students may see the outlets in the IRC fixed, a mobile app with Ferris events and information, more campus apartments, outdoor seating and events that help students learn about Ferris history.

An international student from South Korea asked the panel what they plan to do to help international students feel safe after the recent travel ban. 

President Eisler thanked this student for being at Ferris and said, “We will work with and support you, and we want you and your friends here.”

The panel also said that if any international student feels unsafe, that the Department of Public Safety is a safe place to go any time or day.

The event was live streamed and according to Thompson, it was the first time Student Government live streamed an event.

“I think it went well, it was our first time doing a live feed of an event, so I was happy to see people posting and tweeting questions,” Thompson said.