Get out there!

Your college experience is what you make it

The university experience is definitely a unique one, not just individual to each campus but individual to each student. With that comes some of the greatest diversity you’ll encounter in your life.

That being said, the scariest part about being a freshman or a transfer student isn’t whether you’ll pass your classes, it’s the fact that you don’t know anyone. Everyone tells you the people you meet in college will become your “forever friends” but where are you supposed to find them and how?

Get involved on campus! There are more than 200 registered student organizations (RSOs) on campus for each major or concentration, musical groups like orchestra and band, Greek-life organizations, RSOs for transfer students, RSOs for non-traditional students and honor societies.

Check out the Rec center. There are yoga and fitness classes, pilates, kick-boxing and zumba classes you can take.

My freshman year of college, a very long time ago mind you, a professor of mine told me that “you get out what you put into it.” And they were absolutely right.

The best way to get involved on campus is to look for a group of people who enjoy the same things you do or who feel passionate about the same issues.

This is where you’ll find your people. Don’t be afraid to branch out or to do something different. You’ll never know you don’t like something until you try it.

After all, you’re only in your 20’s once.