Shooters makeover

Local bar and restaurant starts renovations

Star Shooters owner Jerry Boman has further renovations in store for his establishment, including expanding upstairs and renovating the kitchen. Photo by: Harley Harrison | Torch Reporter

A popular hotspot for Bulldogs is slowly making transformations into a more modern atmosphere for college students.

Star Shooters Bar and Restaurant has had the same owner, Jerry Boman, for 10 years and, after refinancing, he has a lot in store for his restaurant.

“I’ve always got plans, it just comes down to having the money and the time to be able to implement them,” Boman said. “My next plan is to put a staircase into the upstairs and then expand into that area. There’s a theater upstairs already and I’ll probably do something where it’s going to be 21 and up upstairs. So if someone is 21 and over, and they’re getting too many minors down here, they can go upstairs and relax.”

Boman is also planning on adding a bar in the front of the upstairs that would be higher-end, such as a martini bar.

“We’ll be doing stuff down here, too. Renovating the kitchen is next. We’ve got to wait until it’s nice outside so we can finish up the front,” Boman said. “And then the whole dance floor is going to be redone and that’s where the upstairs staircase is probably going to go.”

Plans for the dance floor include building another platform on the opposite side, redoing the floor and updating the front of the DJ booth for a more modern, dance club type field, according to Boman.

“Right now, we’re going through the process of getting bids for the staircase,” Boman said. “My hope is to have it done by the start of school next year and then, once the staircase is in, probably the first year we’ll be working on that area.”

If you can’t wait until the start of the next school year, you’re in luck because Boman has plans for this summer, too.

“The whole reason of doing a patio out here is to have a summer business, a little bit more than we’ve had in the past,” Boman said. “We’re kind of going to concentrate on a lunch crowd for the downtown area and for a lower price point for college students.”

Boman is hoping to sell hamburgers, hot dogs, wings and maybe pizza in possibly a walk-up style.

The renovations that have been completed so far include garage doors, a new front to the building, an exposure of the tin ceiling in front and a new sign.

Ferris biology sophomore Risten Koszegi, who hasn’t been to Shooters in about two months, remembers the front door being redone and changes made to the dance floor.

“That’d be cool,” Koszegi said after hearing the renovation plans. “Especially the upstairs, as long as it’s not too hot.”

Ferris electrical engineering freshman Sami Alotaibi also hasn’t been to Shooters in about two months.

“I agree with this idea, it’s a good idea,” Alotaibi said.

“I’ve actually drove by. So I’ve seen the front of Shooters and it looks good, it looks better. A lot better,” Koszegi added.

For those interested in taking a look at the on-going renovations for themselves, Shooters is located just off of campus on South Michigan Avenue.