Wizard Night

Ferris muggles gather to celebrate Harry Potter day

Students and visitors gather in the University Center to play a team-based trivia game to test their knowledge of Harry Potter and his wizarding friends from the four houses of Hogwarts. Photo by: Andrea Cordes | Torch Photographer

Harry Potter Day was a day for students to share their magical inhibitions amongst each one another.

Approximately 35 students were separated into teams and participated in a Harry Potter trivia game to show just how much of a fan they really are.

Harry Potter day was hosted by the Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services (CLACS) Friday, Feb. 24.

“It’s cool for people to come out and gather to share their same interests towards Harry Potter,” said Ferris computer aided design sophomore Hans Lorenz.

The first Harry Potter book debuted in 1997 which created a huge buzz and following from millennials all over the world.

Ferris computer‑aided design junior Savanna Beaudet said Harry Potter books were so imaginative that she always wanted to know more.

“Once you read the first book you want to know what’s going to happen. Then you hear a movie is being made so you have to go see it,” Beaudet said.

“I think Harry Potter is a neat new way to introduce magic,” said Ferris social work grad student Keith Bogucki. “Each spell is unique, the world is unique and the characters are really alive and individualistic.”

Bogucki said Harry Potter is the best way to introduce people who are unfamiliar to the fantasy genre in general.

“Laughing and talking with people who love the series just as much as you do is a way for new friendships to start,” Beaudet said.