Chat with the Chief: Fake news

Many media outlets have been under heavy scrutiny by both American citizens and the highest elected officials of our government. There seems to be some misconceptions about the media rebounding off the walls of echo chambers, so I plan to discuss them. I’ll be brief.

Freedom of the press falls under the first amendment of the Constitution and does not only apply to press that one agrees with.

News that contradicts “alternative facts” is not fake news.

There are news organizations that fall on both ends of the political spectrum and sensationalize certain topics to conform to their bias. They exist on both political fronts and neither should be solely used as a benchmark of what’s really going on.

Banning select major news organizations from attending a White House press briefing while allowing the aforementioned biased organizations to attend is unconstitutional. It’s occurred in past administrations to an extent, but that doesn’t make it right. Government requires impartial  and free media access in order to retain any modicum of transparency.

Don’t digest news from just one outlet. Look beyond your own bias and seek out impartial news sources.