Likemelikeyou closes out Indie Showcase series

New Grand Rapids band makes its debut for MIMA concert series

Likemelikeyou singer Greyson Bos and bassist Kohlby Blake perform in the final show of MIMA’s Indie Showcase. Photo by: Andrea Cordes | Torch Photographer

The pop-rock group likemelikeyou made its official debut as a four-piece for a nearly packed auditorium in the business building, sharing original tunes and covers of popular songs.

Likemelikeyou was the final performance of the Music Industry Management Association’s (MIMA) 2017 Independent Showcase series Thursday, Feb. 23.

“Between all of you people and us, this is actually our first show as likemelikeyou, so I just wanna thank you guys for coming out and watching us play,” said lead singer Greyson Bos after the show.

Grand Rapids-based likemelikeyou was the only local artist of the Indie Showcase series. Bassist Kohlby Blake and drummer Charlie Hall hail from nearby Fremont while lead singer Greyson Bos and guitarist Chase Palaszek are originally from Grand Rapids.

After the one-hour set, the group stayed for the final question and answer session of MIMA’s indie showcase series. The band talked about the importance of making a connection with the audience, their influences, favorite instruments, worst shows each member has been a part of and the writing process.

“I picked up the guitar when I was 12 and instantly started a band and started writing songs,” Bos said, who writes all of the band’s songs. “Its just become a snowball effect ever since the beginning. It’s just become more and more who I am as the years have gone by.” 

“We’re still figuring ourselves out as a band,” Bos added, even though the group sounded cohesive enough that many concertgoers couldn’t tell it was their first live performance.

The group experienced technical difficulties during the intro of the show, but kept a positive attitude.

“The thing about playing in a band is every single show that you play is a learning experience,” Bos said. “Life is just one long learning experience.”

Likemelikeyou’s next show will be during West Ottawa High School’s WO-Stock festival Friday, March 24, and Saturday, March 25.