Skipping class is contagious

Let’s stop throwing money in the trash, please

As the alarms go off this week, reminding us that spring break is indeed over, I think about all the opportunities that I’m going to have to skip my classes.

“Oh God, getting back into this sleeping schedule is wonky, I should just sleep it off until I can re-adjust.”

“Oh it’s the Monday back from break, what class is going to assign homework? I don’t really neeeeeeed to show up today.”

These, and so many more excuses, make staying home just a little easier, but I won’t do it.

Unfortunately, I’m not the type of student who skips class all that often, because I am painfully aware of how expensive my classes truly are.

According to the Ferris website, freshman and sophomores who live in Michigan are paying $392 per credit hour while junior and seniors are paying roughly $403.

Yes, I could get all technical and multiply those numbers by the credits one class has and then divide it by how many times the class meets per week, but this is the first week back since break. I’m trying to let my brain ease back into thinking, so for now, let’s just agree that it equals a lot of money.

Now, I want you to imagine this great sum of money. Now imagine throw it in the trash because this is what’s happening when a student decides that an extra hour of sleep is worth more than 50 minutes of class. This is what I envision every time I debated turning my alarm off and going back to sleep.

I understand the feeling of just being done with this semester, but you’ve just got to keep pushing. In a few months you’ll be on the beach getting sunburned, I promise.

If you feel you are a student who struggles with showing up to class on time—or sometimes showing up at all—I have a few suggestions for you.

First, you could keep in mind that you are not a morning person when you’re signing up for fall classes, because once you show up 10 minutes late to class, you will always be 10 minutes late to class.

Second, set multiple alarms to ensure that you are going to wake up in time. For the record, setting an alarm minute-by-minute is not out of the question.

Finally, as the alarms go off this week, reminding us that spring break is indeed over, remember why you’re here. School isn’t supposed to be some wild non-stop party, it’s here to help you get a degree in a profession that you love so that one day you’ll find yourself waking up and not wanting to sleep in because you are so thrilled about your work day.