Chat with the Chief: Survivor series

How will you be spending your summer?

At the midway point of the winter semester, internships and jobs for the summer are at the top of many Ferris students’ minds. Some are considering taking summer classes or knocking out an internship required for their program while others are just dreaming of sun-soaked days on a beach somewhere.

I’d love to sleep in late, hang out with friends and enjoy the outdoors over the summer, but I begrudgingly accept the fact that a job or internship relevant to my chosen career path and a couple of summer classes will better suit my future ambitions. Woe is me. My first-world problems are just so trying.

Attempting to pin down an internship between terms is like becoming a contestant on Survivor, except thousands of dollars in prize money and television fame are replaced with a few months of experience and, if you’re lucky, minimum wage.

You have to compete against others after the same goal. You have to struggle to find shelter. You’re often underprepared and afraid before jumping in.

There are internship and job opportunities all over the country, but finding affordable housing near to a summer job is just another factor to consider. That’s right, even once you find a position there is still fresh ground to navigate.

To move back in with my parents while working, or to take advantage of Ferris’ free housing with the purchase of six credit hours over the summer? Or should I set off to a totally new direction and live and work elsewhere? Maybe it’d be easier to just make it on Survivor, after all.

There’s a lot to consider when seeking an internship and I wish all Bulldogs luck in doing so. Well, unless they’re after the same position as me.

When I’m totally voting you off the island.