Masters in social work

Ferris social work program fully accredited

Ferris State’s Masters of Social Work (MSW) program has recently received full accreditation after a four-year process.

Work to become fully accredited started in 2013. During the period of partial accreditation, the MSW program was required to submit self studies and evidence of growth within the program to the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). CSWE representatives also visited the program regularly.

This program is not limited to those with a bachelor’s degree in social work. Wendy Samuels is the MSW program director and the chair of the social work department.

“Many of our MSW students have bachelor’s degrees in psychology, sociology, criminal justice and even business,” Samuels said.

According to Samuels, if you already have a bachelor’s in social work, it takes significantly less time to complete the master’s program.

The MSW program currently has 72 students who are seeking a wide array of jobs upon graduation.

“An MSW is an advanced social work degree and the type of jobs people with an MSW can attain are too many to list. The field is so broad,” Samuels said. “Generally, advanced specialists either practice in the macro arena (administrative, policy, politics) or the micro arena (therapists, school social workers, hospital social workers).”

The program prides itself in its students being highly prepared for their careers after graduation.

“As a clinical program, our students receive training in evidence-based practices in group, individual and family therapy. They also receive training in leadership and supervision and research. Students are placed in field placements for the entirety of their MSW program. Field education is considered the signature pedagogy of social work education.” Samuels said.

“There is so much you can do with (social work),” said Ferris social work senior Becca Marchetti. “I know a few people who have graduated with the master’s in social work and they all got jobs right out of school.”

Students interested in pursuing a MSW are encouraged to apply online at