Chat with the Chief: That’s trashy

Spring has sprung and in addition to birds migrating north, snow melting away and leaves returning to the trees. The changing of the seasons is bringing back one more warm weather staple.

Outdoor drinking.

College students who’ve been driven stir crazy from a long winter of parties confined to living rooms will soon once again be able to take the party—and the alcohol—outdoors.

It can be easy to chug a beer, smash the can on one’s head and chuck it on the ground when a person is already a few deep into a six-pack.

We’ve all seen the fallout of a large, outdoor party. Red Solo cups and crushed cans span as far as the eye can see.

Unless the owner of the residence or a passing conscientious soul cleans up the mess, it’s likely to lie there until the next party.

Soon more cans, cups and broken glass continue to pile up.

If not for the environmental impact, take care of your party scraps for the 10 cents you can earn back by returning the cans or bottles. Not every state offers bottle return refunds, but Michigan’s bottle deposit is among the highest in America.

That’s right, it’s called a deposit. Meaning you’re already paying extra when you buy cans or bottles and that excess cost is only mitigated when you return the cans or bottles for refunds.

If you and your buddies go in on a 30-pack, you’re chipping in an additional $3 just to cover that deposit. Don’t throw that money on the ground or in the trash. Take ten minutes to take the containers back to your local superstore and get $3 closer to your next weekend of inebriation.

Or just don’t throw trash on the ground because you’re a rational adult.