Torch Confessions: “Survival skills”

An average day for me contains lots of laughs, screams and smirks.

I’m a senior in college working towards my bachelor’s degree and trying to keep my sanity at the same time. I never thought I would make it this far but here I am.

The semester is coming to an end and my thoughts are all over the place. Mainly, in places they shouldn’t be.

Every day, I’m thinking about my summer vacations and what new hairstyles I want to try, but never school.

That’s until I walk into class and am reminded of all the assignments and projects that are due in a month.

I knew college would require time and dedication, but I probably overlooked the complexity of some of the assignments.

Me being who I am, I always seem to manage. It may take me being up until five in the morning but I get it done.

I must say I can be quite a procrastinator, I feel as if I work well under pressure. But this semester, all of the assignments I have been given requires more than three hours.

Now will I make it to graduation you may ask?

Two things: holy water and tequila.

Life was so much better when all I had to worry about was if my uniform was clean and my pencils were sharpened.

Since I’ve become an upperclassman, I worry about things such as internships and credits.

My professors are so adamant about due dates and preparing for the real world. They make so many assumptions about what students are going to experience in the work field.

I hate assumptions because I like to view myself as a one-of-a-kind individual. Just because your boss gave you hell doesn’t mean I’ll go through that.

Things like this make me hate college and professors.

Since becoming an adult, I’ve learned to deal with whatever life throws my way. I have to accept the things I can’t change.

I try to not complain about the work and college because this will only make me stronger and better.

When I hear my colleagues talk about work and its complications I instantly become irked.

I feel, as college students, we have an idea of what professors are going to throw our way.

Some stuff might seem easy but most of it will be hard and will require a lot of our time.

School is school no matter how we feel, and we have to deal with it.

I do agree we have those days where school is just a complete frustration. But in a few years, hopefully we’ll be living large in our nice houses and driving expensive cars.

My advice to my fellow bulldogs: keep striving and have tunnel vision.