Ferris partners with Rockford

College prep program to begin next year

Ferris has recently transformed a four-year partnership with Rockford High School into a scholarship program.

According to Rockford superintendent Mike Shibler, the two schools have been working together to introduce juniors and seniors from Rockford to college level work and expectations through a program called Woodbridge Ferris Early College Program.

“Juniors and seniors take a core subject class at Rockford, taught by qualified Rockford teachers, for high school and college credit,” Shibler said. “They go by the same syllabus and expectations as they would if they took it at Ferris.”

These college credit classes then transfer to Ferris and most other universities. Currently Rockford has more than 150 students taking these classes.

President David Eisler attended a Rockford school board meeting to provide a new initiative for Rockford students enrolling in these classes.

If eligible, past program participants that attend Ferris after graduation will receive an additional scholarship of $1,000 for up to four years.

According to the Ferris Incoming Freshman Scholarship website, the Rockford student must meet the following criteria: GPA of least 2.75, enrolled at Ferris full time within a year of high school graduation and earned a C or better in at least three credits through a Ferris collaborative high school agreement.

In a university article, Eisler said, “I am delighted this scholarship will build upon our efforts for a concurrent education and help these students continue on to earn their degree at Ferris State University with this additional support.”

“I’m very excited because it will reduce student debt—I think that is important—taking early college classes will reduce debt because the district pays the tuition, and the student in high school experiences the rigor of college work before they get to college,”  Shibler said.

This scholarship is set to start next year.