Good riddance

The pet peeves that I plan to forget when I graduate

I will be graduating from Ferris this May, and I feel it’s appropriate for a Torchie certified opinion editorial about my time here as an undergraduate student.

It would be disgustingly cliche to talk about my highs and lows, so I’ve decided to say good riddance to the five pet peeves I’ve adapted during my tenure as a Bulldog. In no particular order:

1. Faculty and Staff with a one-sided perception of their students:
So you know how your professors first response to you asking for help or anything is that they have 100 other students to worry about? My response is always, “Yikes. Cause I’ve got six other professors and courses to worry about, too.”

No, one isn’t more important than the other. But if we’re supposed to spend two hours studying for each hour we’re in class, with six classes twice a week at 24 hours, two part-time jobs and student activities, why do professors assume that you have a ton of time to get stuff done? Yes, we make time. And that’s what we do as college students. But sometimes we need a little help.

2. Double-texters:
If I didn’t respond to the first message with actual words, then why do you think I’ll respond to your “??” one? A lot of the time, I’m busy. And knowing that, I always ask someone if they’re busy before starting a conversation with them.

The double-texter has become the most passive aggressive situations I’ve ever been in. And always with those who don’t have enough sense to realize that I’m probably doing something.

3. Disconnected students:
I always tell people that I came to Ferris as a 21-year-old transfer student. So I didn’t act out, had developed my understanding of my learning habits, etc. But the biggest issue I’ve faced has been the incoming students who just couldn’t seem to care less.

From violating hall policies to skipping class just because, you can say I’ve seen it all. My standing one-liner is, “If I can’t tell my Mama I did it, then I’m not doing it either.” There are so many resources on this campus, especially for the underrepresented student population, that it’s insane to me that they don’t use them more often.

4. People with no manners:
How do you allow someone to walk into a room full of people, give a clear yet general hello, and not a single person reciprocates it? If I hold the door for you, would it kill you to say thanks? For real, who raised y’all? It would be different if you’re on the phone or pre-occupied but usually that’s not the case.

These are the rudest thing I’ve ever encountered at FSU, considering I speak to everybody. Even to the room full of strangers waiting in the ASC lobby to drop a class. I was taught you speak when you walk into a room. And continue to speak if people don’t reply.

5. Jaywalkers:
Why? Literally, just why? I know students make jokes all the time about not caring about walking into oncoming traffic, but it’s different when one of them actually does it.

The speed limit on parts of State Street is 50 mph. Why would you ever think you’d run across the street faster than the car? Never. It’s not safe for you or the driver. And for someone who recently had a sibling get their brakes serviced, quick braking for a jaywalker isn’t great for a car either.

To these five pet peeves, I say so long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen. Goodbye. And I prepare to say hello to the new ones I’m sure to develop during my grad school experience this Fall.