Torch Confessions: “Finally, spring is here”

The brutal Big Rapids winter is finally coming to a much-needed close and spring is almost here.

Recently, Mother Nature has been teasing us with 65-degree and sunny days, but then the next day it’s 35 degrees and pouring  rain. Although every day hasn’t been perfect, the snow is gone, the temperature is up and I’m increasingly spending more time outside as well as witnessing more students enjoying the outdoors.

Spring approaching means the winter blues are hopefully over. Winter seasonal depression is all too real. The warmth of sunshine is necessary for our bodies and minds to grow and excel, and there is very little of that during Michigan winters.

Spring is my favorite of the four seasons. Spring gives me so many more opportunities that the winter cannot.

I love spring because it takes me out of the never-ending misery of the winter. The longer days, blossoming flowers and budding greenery everywhere warms the earth, my heart and my mind.

Also, I love outdoor spring activities. Some of my personal favorites are Ultimate Frisbee, disc golf at the course in North End Park, golfing, adventuring throughout the wilderness and sports such as long boarding and bike riding. Nothing beats the wind blowing through my face and hair, while simultaneously whisking the winter sadness out of my mind. This is one of the most relaxing and refreshing feelings. Nothing can beat a nice trek through the wilderness on a warm, sunny Saturday.

I cannot wait for spring barbecues. No more making soup just to keep warm in my freezing home. I cannot wait to fire up the grill, get a few good friends together and throw on the burgers, dogs, steaks, ribs and drumsticks—anything besides making ramen or fast food.

Once the ground dries up and the sun shines strong, you will find me outside all day long with a Frisbee in my hand and a long board under my feet. The winter depression will soon be behind me, and I hope the upcoming spring can do the same for you.