Bracing for impact

Questions posed about feasibility of North Hall

With North Hall’s construction nearing completion, many questions are emerging regarding how it may affect campus. 

The main question—and a question that will always be a big topic on campus—is where will residents of North Hall park their cars?

“There will be a new lot next to the building for resident parking,” said Ferris Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) Bruce Borkovich. “This will be designated Lot 9.”

The University Center parking lot will remain a commuter lot.

According to Borkovich, there are no plans to construct a through-road—a road that is closed at one end—on campus for the extra cars in Lot 9.

“Creating a through-road would encourage and increase traffic through campus from the Big Rapids area,” Borkovich said. “This extra traffic would create safety concerns for our students and pedestrians.”

According to Borkovich, DPS’ main concern about an added road is pedestrian safety. They want to try to limit the amount of roads inside of campus to protect pedestrians. 

Fighting for a table at the Quad is already an issue on campus, and it is no doubt that with North Hall being within close walking distance, this issue will only increase.

“A planned reconfiguration to the Quad Food Court this summer will provide some additional seating in the Café,” said Ferris CASP Associate Vice President Gheretta Harris. “This will not totally alleviate the seating capacity concern, but it is a step in the right direction.”

According to Harris, there has not been any discussion about adding another dining facility.

However, with Miller, Taggart, Merrill and Travis Halls emptying out at the end of the semester, there has been discussion about how to make it easier for students to get to the Rock Café during meal times.

“We are looking at adding a shuttle to and from the Rock Café during the busy period,” Harris said. “We are also looking at the food options at the Rock Café and possible adding a Mexican food concept.”

“We are excited to bring North Hall online in the Fall of 2017,” Harris said. “In addition to two living and learning communities, there will also be three classrooms available for academic programming.”