It’s in the game

Which sports video game is the best in the eyes of Ferris Athletes

With the Bulldogs graduating several key players including two starting linebackers and four wide receivers, they’ll be looking to build on last year’s 12-3 overall record and deep postseason run. Photo by: Keith Salowich | Editor in Chief

Ferris athletes love to compete whether it be on the field or the court. But they also take that competitiveness to their couches as well.

Between games, practices and weight room sessions, a few athletes at Ferris enjoy kicking back with a controller in hand and dominating their friends in video games.

Interestingly enough, the athletes who enjoy playing video games, often jump into one that resembles what they do on a daily basis.

Ferris golf junior Seth Terpstra: “My favorite video game to play is by far Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. There is no better feeling than kicking my friends’ tale at that game.”

Ferris football junior quarterback Reggie Bell: “The best game has to be Madden for sure. I love and understand the game of football so much that it’s hard not to play it even in my off time. Plus, it’s fun overall and when you play with other people it can get really competitive.”

Ferris softball senior third-baseman Bailey Darwin: “Oh, no doubt that Backyard Baseball is the best. Playing that game sends me back to my childhood. I could sit at the computer with my brother for hours playing it. I like it because one, I love baseball and softball. Two, it was kids playing the sport which was nice because all the other games were pro-athletes.”

OK, those games are awesome, but I think that if you’re going to choose the best sports video games, you need to split it up between the ones that ruled your childhood and the ones that keep you entertained now.

Looking back, I was always obsessed with football, so my childhood pick for best video game goes to NFL Street. This game was awesome because you could play as real pros and absolutely destroy your opponent with unrealistic power-ups.

As for my go-to game today, I’m going to have to agree with Reggie Bell on this one and say Madden is the best all-around video game to play. If you’re a fan of football, it never gets old.

There’s a video game for just about any sport under the sun. So, if you’re passionate about one of them and need take a load-off, there’s likely a video game for you.