Torch Confessions: I’m listening

Hi. My name is Jas and I love corny, cliche sitcoms. To confess, I’m actually obsessed.

There aren’t many shows from the corny era that I dig, but my all-time favorite is Frasier.

I don’t know if it’s because the storylines are so predictable, or because it is so easy to binge watch. But if I ever need noise in the background while I’m doing homework, I turn on Frasier. I’ve watched the entire series three different times. So I’m pretty sure that I could replay each episode in a one-woman stage play if you told me the title. I’m that obsessed.

My friends and siblings shade me on a regular basis because of my obsession, but that doesn’t stop my absolute need to watch this show.

Personally, these shows have sort of attached themselves to my psyche. In high school, my saving grace was just a few things: comics, choir and corny television.

I needed a distraction, and that’s where these shows came to the rescue. I’m telling you, if you need an escape, pick a show with at least three seasons and binge. It started with Cheers, but Frasier was the spin-off, so naturally I didn’t hesitate to watch.

Watching episodes of Frasier gives me hope. I mean, how could you not love the episode where Niles finally professes his love for Daphne? And when they get married? And when you notice that Niles’ appearance changes once he gets in a relationship with Daphne?

So I rewatch and rewatch, and I’ll rewatch again. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than falling asleep watching with the credits as one color, and waking up to the credits another color because a new season has started.

I have gotten some of the best sleep of my life falling asleep watching Frasier. And I’ve been able to relate some of the twists and turns of the show to my personal life.

Life is great because these shows exist.