Are we done yet?

Exam: the ugliest four-letter word

The ingredients of a week-long study fest at the end of this spring semester are all coming together: coffee, study rooms and a fear of failing.

Five days of bubble sheets and trick questions have Ferris students biting their nails.

“There’s almost a sense of unity,” said Ferris welding engineering technology sophomore Robert Watson. “Everyone shares in the feeling of stress from preparing and then relief after all is said and done.”

Watson does not have rituals for luck, instead, he makes sure to eat a clean diet to help keep his spirits up while rewriting his notes from the semesters as a study precaution.

“That saying, ‘I work better under pressure,’ is malarkey made upon by procrastinators to give themselves a false sense of confidence,” Watson said.

Ferris respiratory therapy and allied health senior Tiffany Peterman is another student who can’t wait for exam week to be over.

Peterman has endured years where her sleeping habits have suffered due to studying and stress. This year, she said she will be able to get at least eight hours a night. Her time at Ferris helped Peterman find ways to study for exams without becoming overwhelmed by them.

“If possible, I study the night before for the exam the next day. Never double study for classes,” Peterman said.

Ferris pre-nursing and health care system administration junior Nicole Majeske likes to rewrite her notes as well, and participate in study groups with friends from her classes when she prepares for exam week.

While Majeske believes in studying for exams, she also prefers to go into her final with a goal.

“I feel it is essential to go into the exam with a goal and expectation with the grade that you are going to get. It helps me strive to perform to my best potential,” Majeske said. “Keep an open mind and good luck.”