To those who aren’t graduating on time

Don’t worry about it

To the student who just left their adviser’s office crying, it’s OK. To the plethora of students who aren’t graduating this semester when they feel like they should be, it’s OK.

Families may be disappointed, bank accounts and credit scores may cry with you, and goals may seem farther away than they previously were. All of that will subside. Parents will love you still, credit scores will recover, and you will reach that graduation ceremony with a cap on your head.

To the student who had their heart set on getting their degree at the same time as their peers, it’s OK. Unfortunately, the constructs of our society force students to compare themselves to one another and ultimately, create a modern-day gladiator situation in a race to be the best and to do it before everyone else. But as students, we’ve learned that our fierce ability to adapt and strive for what we want would terrify a small child.

To the students who are first generation whose parents don’t understand why you need two more semesters when you’ve already been here four years, it’s OK. The fact that we’re even getting a degree sets us apart from a majority of the world, and only 40 percent of students graduate within four years anyway. When they see you graduate and start the career you wanted, they’ll understand.

To the student who changed their major halfway through undergrad and has three more years, it’s OK. The early 20’s are the most forming years of our lives and we’ve chosen to spend it bettering ourselves. As students, we’re taking advantage of the opportunities college has to offer, discovering who we are and refusing to settle.

To to the Bulldogs who are stuck in the pound for a few more semesters, remember who you want to be and be proud of yourself for where you are and where you’re going.