School’s out!

Students share their summer plans

Finals are done and school is out, leaving Ferris students time to consider summer plans.

Many students will use the summer to build up their bank account, get summer jobs and focus on saving up for their return to school, which can be a heavy expense.

In the case of Ferris sophomore Amber Ortiz, some expenses were waived due to her upcoming job as a resident advisor (RA) in the fall.

“I plan on finding a job and working [this summer],” Ortiz said. “My car is broken down, so that needs to be fixed and before school starts. I’ll be back at Ferris to start my first time as a resident advisor in North hall. I won’t really have time for much else, like traveling or really anything too fun.”

While many students will also be spending their summer vacation working, some will be able to take breaks and enjoy the sun.

Ferris graphic design sophomore Brendan Teays will be spending most of his summer working and traveling.

“This summer I am traveling quite a bit,” Teays said. “I am mostly working at a country club, but I am probably going to go to Nickel’s Lake. I’m also doing lawn work on the side but I might try to find a new job too if I have the time. Besides that, I might go down to Ohio with some friends and I might meet up with another friend who lives in Illinois. Then I’m also going to Baroda for the fourth of July. So besides that, it’s mostly working and saving up for my apartment next year.”

Similar to Teays, Ferris hospitality management sophomore Oliver Wissman is spending his summer returning to his old job where he was promoted to head activities counselor and will then return before the fall to train for his new job as an RA for Henderson hall.

“Besides working, I’ll be spending time with friends and family back home before I have to come back and be an RA,” Wissman said.

Among the students traveling, working and relaxing are those who have to focus on school-related plans for the summer.

Unlike her previous years where she was able to work and relax, Ferris social work junior Taylor Green will be spending her summer interning, finding a job and having a busy social schedule.

“I have to intern for my major, hopefully find a job, plus I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed and my mom is having surgery. Plus, my brother is graduating high school. My summer is chaos this year,” Green said.