Top jobs for Dawgs

Ranking the best on-campus jobs for Ferris students

Not all jobs are created equal and Bulldogs work hard to afford university expenses and earn their degree.

The selection of jobs that help students earn money as they attend classes is as varied as the population at Ferris. Employment on campus comes with its own benefits and tribulations, but the jobs below have been highly regarded by students as they fight for the top spot on this list.

1. Barista

The smell of fresh coffee grounds and chocolate aren’t the only perks students discover when they begin working at the Starbucks, located both in the University Center (UC) and the Interdisciplinary Resource Center (IRC). Employee duties include serving guests, cashiering, cleaning and stocking. Baristas serve a vital role as they caffeinate the student population through stress course loads during the year.

“You make a lot of connections that can really brighten someone’s day, even for a moment, and it feels pretty great,” said Ferris applied speech communication junior Jenna Steele. “Working at Starbucks means you get a tall drink for every shift you work and 10

percent off everything when you aren’t working. It’s really great to have a schedule that’s regular every week. Plus, let’s be real, you get to wear a sick apron.”

2. Student tutor

Tutors working through the Academic Support Center (ASC) meet many different students in various fields across campus. Helping other students succeed sets tutors up for their own success as they sharpen their skillsets. Some students on campus even call tutors “GPA angels.”

Ferris plastics engineering technology senior Karl Schmidt has worked as a tutor for five semesters and values his time working at the ASC.

“Pretty much any class I take I end up tutoring in. I tutor in math, chemistry, physics, engineering courses and psychology,” Schmidt said. “I really like teaching and at some point I’d like to become a professor after attending grad school. This is really great work experience for me. I like helping my peers and seeing them succeed. I have some students who did really well in their class this semester, and it brings a good feeling to me to know that I helped them accomplish that.”

3. Library page

Shelving, shelf reading, locating resources, checking out materials and stacking books are just some of the duties of a library page working in FLITE. The peaceful atmosphere never gets dull as students and faculty filter through the building throughout the day. Ferris plastics engineering technology senior Angela Lovegrove has been working as a library page since her freshman year.

“I’ve always really liked libraries, so it was nice to work in a welcoming environment like the one at FLITE,” Lovegrove said. “The people and the bosses especially are really flexible with students needs and they care about you. They want you to succeed and appreciate you working here.”

4. Dining Services Helper

Students that work at the Quad Cafe and the Rock Cafe not only feed harried college students, they also deal with townies (Big Rapids residents) more than most Ferris student employees. Duties for dining services helpers include serving food, stocking, cooking, cleaning and other jobs in the kitchen area. The smell of delicious food is a good perk as well, especially when days like Wing Night roll around.

“My favorite takeaway would either be the connections with my co-workers or my paycheck,” said Ferris history junior Gabby Dewey.