MoGo that!

Take MoGo on the go this summer

A new way to spend summer, Mogo is giving Ferris students the opportunity to video challenge friends and keep the days interesting.

“Mogo is a social networking platform that engages users to compete in friendly competitions through video challenges,” Ferris marketing junior Megell Strayhorn said.

Mogo, Making Our Generation Original, provides seven categories for users to upload: sports, dance, music, fitness, comedy and party. Users are also able to create their own categories.

“Our target audience typically includes people ages 14-26 who are already active on social media and in their daily lives, has a competitive edge and willing not to back down from a challenge,” Strayhorn said.

Mogo was invented in April 2015 by a group of friends in high school. Co-founders Lloyd Yates, Shane Davis, Megell Strayhorn and App Developer Drew Luckenbaugh enjoyed watching video challenges on the internet and saw a need for

an app that allowed directed video challenges. Having the opportunity to share videos with friends is what makes the app fun and engaging.

“Millions of people partake in video challenges on a monthly basis. Social media challenges are sporadic through a lot of platforms,” Strayhorn said. “We felt the need to create a platform where people would know to go to if they want to see head-to-head challenges.”

The free app, according to Yates, is meant to encourage young adults to take a break from the tweets and selfies and to embrace themselves while video-challenging friends from all over.

“We believe students at Ferris and all other institutions across the country will benefit from having an app that focuses on having

the best videos across social media,” Yates said.

With the app still new to the app stores, Strayhorn encourages people who are having difficulty with the app to contact the Mogo Instagram account.

“Whenever you are about to do something amazing, remember to Mogo that,” Yates said.

Mogo is currently available in the Apple store, and is coming soon to the Android play store.