Summer ballin’

Ferris basketball teams to mentor kids over summer

With the spring semester over, students at Ferris are beginning to break out the flip flops and sunscreen. However, members of the men’s and women’s basketball teams are lacing up their shoes for a good cause.

The Bulldogs are preparing to host several kids from the Big Rapids area for a summer camp focused around basketball.

“We do all kinds of activities involving basketball,” said junior forward Rachel McInerney. “They love when we give them a chance to earn candy for making a basket.”

While any kid is up for the chance to rake in some free sugar, the candy isn’t the only thing sweet about this summer camp.

Along with learning some basketball basics, coaches and players try to create a positive environment for the kids so that the focus shifts more towards having fun and diminishes fear of failing.

“It’s just a great environment,” said senior guard Drew Cushingberry. “I love being around young hoopers because I can remember going to camps just like this one when I was their age. It means a lot to me to have them look up to me the way I looked up to the players who ran the camps I went to.”

While the Ferris basketball teams have a great program to keep kids busy for a few days this summer, they’re not the only ones hoping to inspire kids.

The Ferris football program will travel around the state and participate in a camp aimed towards older kids who are looking to refine their skills.

Just about any sporting program you can think of at Ferris is hosting several summer camps this year. Information can be found on the Ferris athletics website.

“I’m an elementary education major,” said McInerney. “So I love being able to work with the kids and show them that we’re here to have fun and encourage each other.”

The basketball camp spans over three days in late June and for $50 per person, the kids receive basketball skills, a water bottle and T-shirt.