Ferris sees biggest tuition increase in six years

Board of Trustees approves 3.77 percent average tuition increase

Tuition at Ferris is set to rise at a higher rate than it has since 2011, yet it’s still among the lowest increases in public universities across Michigan.

Ferris State’s Board of Trustees voted on and approved a tuition increase of 3.97 percent for upper level classes and 3.57 percent for lower level classes which will take effect in Fall 2017.

The decision will raise the cost of two 14-credit semesters of freshman and sophomore level classes at Ferris from $11,068 to $11,368 per year, placing the new rate at $406 per credit. Juniors and seniors will see an increase from $11,357 to $11,732, with their rate rising to $419 per credit.

“The increase allows the university to continue to maintain the quality academic programs and support our students deserve so they can leave Ferris highly prepared with a job offer in hand and a successful career ahead of them,” Ferris president’s office communications officer Michelle Rasmussen said.

For the past five years the university had celebrated their ability to keep the annual tuition increase below 3 percent, but this tuition bump marks the end of that streak.

In 2014, undergraduate tuition for two 15-credit semesters of freshman or sophomore level classes would run $11,190. Four years later, that incoming class of 2014 freshman would have to pay $12,180 for those same classes—a $990 increase. 

“The university continually looks for ways to restrain and manage costs, and to provide more financial support for our students,” Rasmussen said. “It’s just costing more as the years go on, unfortunately.”

Only Lake Superior State University (3.75 percent increase) boasted a lower tuition increase than Ferris among other similar state universities, with Saginaw Valley State University (5.07 percent increase) and Northern Michigan University (4.70 percent increase) representing the higher end of the spectrum.

Yet, the rates of other public universities in Michigan do not come into consideration when Ferris’ Board of Trustees is settling on tuition rates, according to Rasmussen. 

The next Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. Friday, Oct. 6, in Grand Rapids.