On the Record

Small Defects

1:50 a.m., May 15, officers stopped a vehicle for defective equiptment at Perry and Division. A warrant request was sent to a prosecuter for two people in possession of Marijuana.

Eractic Driving

11:15 p.m., May 17, officers stopped a vehicle on Woodward for eratic driving. One person was ticketed for possession of marijuana.

Hit and Run

6:00 a.m., July 2, officers recieved a report of a hit and run in Lot 64.

Damaging Property

10:47 p.m., July 6, officers received a report of a two vehicle property damage accident in lot 17.

Bicycle Accident

4:55 p.m., July 9, officers assisted the city police with a car-bicycle accident at Ferris dr. and Perry avenue.

Intoxicated Speeding

12:40 a.m., July 18, officers stopped a vehicle for speeding on Ferris Dr. The driver was intoxicated and lodged at the county jail for OWI.

Hit and Run at Pickell

7:05 p.m., July 19, Officers received a call of a hit and run on Pickell Drive.

East Campus Suspicion

7:08 p.m., July 24, officers investigated a seuspicious vehicle at the East Campus Apartments. One Occupant in possession of marijuana was ticketed.

Domestic Assault

9:40 a.m., July 29, officers investigated a domestic assault at the West Campus Apartments. A warrant was requested from the prosectuter.

Disorderly at the Gypsy

7:25 p.m., July 29, officers assisted the city police with disorderly subjects at Gypsy Nickel Bar.

Fleeing on Foot

5:15 a.m., Aug. 5, Officers assisted the sherrif’s office with people fleeing on foot at Park and Ride carpool. They assisted in stopping two subjects who were lodged in the county jail.

Equipment Violation

2:20 a.m., Aug. 6, officers stopped a vehicle for equiptment violation on Maple. The driver was found in possession of Marijuana and the driver’s license was suspended. The driver was ticketed and a warrant request was sent to the prosecutor for marijuana.

License Suspended

6:47 a.m., Aug. 10, officers stopped a vehicle on Ferris Dr. for speeding. The driver had an expired license and was ticketed with a license suspension.