Dear freshmen

Seating charts aside

It’s that time of year when Ferris students gather their highlighters, sharpen their pencils and attempt to get their lives together.

August 28, to college students, is the marking of a new year. Giving opportunities for new wardrobes, hairstyles and a new attitude.

I remember when I was a freshman. My stomach is still queasy just remembering the nerves I had when school shopping for my first year at college.

“Mom, I absolutely need a folder and matching notebooks for each class,” I told her. “And Post-Its in case I need to write notes in my textbooks, and don’t forget the highlighters.”

Oh, silly me.

You see, in high school I was very… lazy. I mean, of course I would do my assignments, but

I was never the type of student to study and memorize important textbook facts weeks before an exam. No, I was the type that strongly believed in binge-studying. I was the type that planned her procrastination.

Silly me to think that being one year older would make me 20 years wiser.

About two weeks and 100 Post-Its later did I realize something that to this day, I still regret—I’m not going to change. Instantly, my good ‘ole “why should I?” attitude kicked in.

I regressed. I stopped highlighting every other sentence in my textbooks and I even stopped attending school events. Binge-studying and Netflix marathons defined my life and it was good.

Now that I am in my fourth year at Ferris, I finally can look back and see how much time I wasted planning on being more prepared and planning on being more social, when the truth is, nobody is prepared.

Sure, you can buy all the right books and search until you know about every professor on campus, but the only way to know how college is going to be is to go out and experience it.

So join new clubs, hang out with your suitemates, but for the love of God, don’t think you need 10 different Post-It colors to get your life together.

Nobody likes change, but if you fight it, you may find that four years has gone by and all you can say about your college experience is that you got all the best seats in the classrooms.