Getting involved

Clubs and organizations at Ferris

Graphic by: Jordan Lodge | Production Manager

The start of a new school year is always a mix of emotion between excitement and nervousness.

The start of a new school year in college can heighten these feelings even more. Between trying to balance a full-time course load, navigating campus and brand-new roommates you may or may not know, it always seems like there’s a lot going on, and it may feel like there is no opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. But don’t be discouraged, here at Ferris, there are plenty of opportunities through student organizations.

Ferris has over 100 different organizations that students can join. Between professional, intramural and Greek, there is something of interest for everyone. Joining a club or Registered Student Organization (RSO) is a great chance to meet fellow students and network with people for your chosen degree or career path. From the Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services (CLACS) website, it is clear that FSU is passionate about getting its students to branch out and join these clubs.

Ashley Lagrow, a senior in the English Education major, has been a part of the English Society and the History Club. 

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I joined my RSO’s, but both groups for me ended up being really fun,” Lagrow said. “You’re basically surrounding yourself with like-minded people, so there is really constructive conversation every week, great ideas being discussed, not to mention it’s a helpful place to network.”

For me, joining the National Organization for Women RSO was about expanding my passions outside of my degree- I stayed in the RSO for the wonderful people that I met. I got to meet and learn from a variety of men and women, all from different backgrounds, that were passionate about the same issues, participate in donation drives for women’s shelters and be a part of something bigger than myself. This made my first year at Ferris so memorable and important to me.

So be sure to visit and find your organization, your friends and your passions!