Oh, the places you’ll know!

Rule the campus by memorizing these eight helpful resources at Ferris

Graphic by: Jordan Lodge | Production Manager

Whether you’re a new student at Ferris or a senior, it’s important to take note of the essential resources on campus that are available to you.

Knowing where to go for help with everything from schoolwork, to your health, to legal concerns will make or break your college experience. Here is a list of places to go for assistance during your time at Ferris:



Although this one seems like a no-brainer, the Ferris Library for Information, Technology and Education (FLITE) has more to offer than just books and computer access. FLITE is filled with knowledgeable librarians who are able to help you find sources for your research papers. These librarians are available in person, as well as by email, telephone and text message. Additionally, FLITE is equipped with study rooms of varying sizes, as well the 24-hour room on the first floor. FLITE is located on the north side of campus near the University Center and the Starr Building.


2. Writing and Tutoring Centers

If you need additional assistance writing an essay or studying for a test, check out the Writing and Tutoring Centers. Both located in room 1017 in the Arts and Science Commons, the two centers offer free tutoring services to students. Student tutors and paraprofessionals are available to revise any writing, such as papers, resumes and job applications, as well as to help you to ace your next exam. The Writing and Tutoring Centers are available by appointment Monday through Friday but walk-ins are also welcome on a first-come, first-served basis during various times throughout the day at both centers.


3. TAC The Technology Assistance Center

(TAC) is the place to go on campus when technical difficulties arise. TAC is located in room 108 in the University Center. The workers at TAC are experienced in information technology and can help troubleshoot your devices when something goes wrong. You can also contact TAC through chat, phone and email.


4. Birkam Health Center

With cold and flu season on the horizon, Birkam Health Center will come in handy. Birkam provides a variety of health care services to treat illness and injury in non-emergency situations. Doctors at Birkam can prescribe medications and accept a variety of insurances. Birkam is available by appointment and is located on Campus Drive near Johnson Hall.


5. Counseling Center

In connection to Birkam, the Counseling Center offers help to students struggling mentally or emotionally during their time at Ferris. Students can converse with experienced counselors about a variety of problems they are having. If you are interested, visit the second floor of Birkam Health Center to fill out paperwork and schedule an appointment.


6. Disabilities Services

Ferris students with documented disabilities are eligible for Disabilities Services. These services aim to help make the semester go as smoothly as possible for students with physical and mental disabilities by providing educational accommodations. The office for Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services is in room 313 in the Starr Building.


7. Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is available to students to ensure their protection on campus. Located in Cramer Circle, next to Cramer Hall, DPS is the place to make reports of suspicious or illegal activities on campus. DPS is also the place to go to obtain a parking pass or visitor pass, as well as paying parking tickets.


8. Tot’s Place 

For students with children, childcare is essential during class hours. Tot’s Place, an early learning center at Ferris, is a place for students to send their kids while they are in class. Located in room 102 of Bishop Hall, Tot’s Place is staffed with highly-qualified childhood educators, and is available for children aging from one month to 12 years. In addition, Tot’s Place provides reduced rates for Ferris students.