Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it

Why everybody needs to work in customer service

Everybody has heard the horrors of customer service. 

It is always the same nightmare—the customers are rude or ignorant. They seem to forget that just like them, those of us employed in customer service have lives too. 

I feel it is safe to say that I am a customer service veteran at this point in my life. I have six years under my belt working with and dealing with people. I have bagged groceries, worked as a cashier and worked at the actual desk where customers make their complaints. 

I have had customers tell me I ruined their day because I asked them to please wait until their purchase was complete and I’ve had customers tell me how to do my job. 

With that being said, I believe everybody should have a job in customer service at least once in their life, whether it be during their teens or later in life. 

Being in customer service can teach you a lot of skills that you can use later in life. Before I started working in customer service, I wasn’t nearly as confrontational when issues arose. But when I had to take on more responsibilities, I didn’t care so much about being liked but rather handling the issue. 

Customer service also teaches time-management, responsibility and skills to work under pressure and responsibility, which can all be used later in life. I don’t regret working in customer service because of these skills that I learned, but because now every time I go to a store or restaurant, I appreciate the person who has to deal with me for that day. 

More so, I think it’s important that everybody works in customer service so they can all have an understanding of what it is like. People won’t look down on others because everybody will understand the experience.