Staying on track

When nerves settle and procrastination begins

Graphic by: Jordan Lodge | Production Manager

With syllabus week over, it’s time for students to buckle down for their remaining time at Ferris. 

Ferris pre-nursing freshman Alicia Paquette plans on spending her first semester discovering new methods to stay on top of her schoolwork. 

“I know some people say it’s good to record,” Paquette said. “My microbiology teacher records his lectures so I can go back and play them.” 

Aside from listening to pre-recorded lectures, Paquette believes that prioritization and organization are key to having a successful academic year. 

Ferris computer networking and system junior Ryan Daniel is another student who depends on repetition and organization when studying for his classes. 

“Usually, I read over notes or make flashcards,” Daniel said. 

Starting his first week with homework, Ferris pre-pharmacy junior Cole Tompkins typically has a heavy workload. However, this does not stop him from taking some time for himself. 

“I’m taking four classes and am also planning on doing the play up here if I can,” Tompkins said. 

Tompkins enjoys using his extracurricular activities as incentive to get assignments done in a timely fashion. 

“I believe that desperation is necessary to form anything,” Tompkins said. 

To keep his work interesting, Tompkins also prefers to study in short bursts. Starting his work early is how he tries to stay ahead of the long school weeks. 

Suggest ed study methods are note-taking, flashcards, listening to recorded lectures and keeping a planner to know when assignments and big tests are. Along with these study methods, Tompkins likes to ensure he is always well-hydrated and getting a good amount of sleep every night. 

“Sometimes staying on top of your work means staying on top of yourself,” Tompkins said.