Wellness Wednesday

Health before homework

With exams and homework starting to pile up, students can sigh in relief knowing that there are groups on campus they can turn to when it comes to staying in check with their wellbeing. These events are part of a project called Wellness Wednesdays. 

“I’m on the committee with others from Birkam, CLACS, the Student Rec center and other student life organizations that put together events that talk about wellness and health every Wednesday,” Ferris State Title IX Coordinator/Associate Dean Kevin Carmody said. 

Staff from Birkham, CLACS and other organizations on campus have participated in Wellness Wednesdays in hope of shedding light on programs and organizations students can turn to when they need help making their college experiences run more smoothly. 

“Due to the fact it is the beginning of the year, we wanted to bring awareness to the issues that these programs address, which are bullying, abuse and alcohol-related issues. We wanted students to know, that even though these things do happen, that there are still people here at the university they can come to if problems arise,” Carmody said. 

“Step Up” is a program that’s taking place at the UC where students take a sticker off of a wall and sign their name in place of it. By doing so, students are pledging to speak up or help out if they ever witness a bad situation. 

Step Up is just one of many programs that have been held over the years. 

“The program has been going on for three or four years now,” CLACS employee Katie Thomas said. 

She encourages student groups and RSOs to contact clacs@nullferris.edu if they have ideas on what they would like highlighted next. 

“Bringing organizations like this to Ferris helps students to feel a little more safe at the university they chose to go to. College life can be very strange and disorienting for first time college students or people living away from their homes for the first time,” Carmody said. 

Wellness Wednesdays are held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. outside of the CLACS office in the University Center. The topic being discussed on Sept. 20 is Bacterial vs. Viral diseases and infections, hosted by the Birkam Health Center.