Phone scam

Students recieve fake FBI calls

According to a notice sent out through Ferris email by the Ferris Director of the Department of Public Safety Bruce Borkovich, there is an ongoing scam targeting Ferris students. 

“The scam begins with a phone call from someone who claims to be from the FBI and often times the phone number on the caller ID will be an actual FBI number,” the notice said. “The caller advised that there is a warrant out for their arrest and if the student does not pay the ‘bond’ money, they will come to arrest the student or in some cases, the student will lose their financial aid.” 

The notice warns that this is always a scam because law enforcement would never call and ask for money to be sent or wired to avoid arrest. 

If you receive this call, hang up immediately and don’t send any money. 

Questions can be directed to the Ferris Department of Public Saftey at (231) 591-5000.