Beauty booster

When there is happiness, there is beauty

Whatever makes someone happy is what truly makes them beautiful. 

When one thinks of the word ‘beauty,’ where does one get influences of what the word means to them? The sources are endless but a few common ones could be family and culture. My family’s culture and heritage greatly influences my beauty ideals. 

In my family, minimal makeup and dark colored clothing are seen as an attractive look because that is what has been popular in Danish and many other Scandinavian cultures since the 1950s. My family has a very traditional idea of what beauty means to them, because they consider it a way of holding on to the culture they left behind when they migrated to North America in the 1960s. 

The biggest influence of beauty for me is self-expression and whatever makes me feel good. I really appreciate and love the traditions and culture in my family, so I do gravitate towards darker colored clothing. However, I stray from the tradition when it comes to makeup and tattoos. 

I believe that beauty is something that makes someone happy. 

This is why my opinion on tattoos and those who have them is one of extreme respect and adoration. Getting to wake up every morning with art on your body is an honor and can be a major mood booster. I have one tattoo and hope to have more in the future because I feel that with every piece is a journey. I wish to go on as many journeys as I can in my lifetime. 

It’s an experience that leaves a lasting effect not only on the owner’s skin but also on their soul. Making that decision to sit in a chair and let an artist put a piece of their work on one’s skin for eternity will surely result in an adrenaline rush and a boost of confidence. 

I highly support the statement that beauty is something that is created over time. As a person matures and becomes more aware of what makes them truly happy, they become more aware of what makes them feel beautiful. 

I wear makeup because it makes me feel happy. It can be a therapeutic moment to look forward to every morning. I do not feel that I need makeup to look decent but putting it on is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. 

I really don’t know if the makeup actually makes me more beautiful or not to other people. All I care about is that the process makes me happy, therefore making me more beautiful in my own eyes.