Whose line is it anyway?

A look inside Ferris’ Improv Group

A bag of chips flies around the room as students laugh, talk among their friends and come and go as they please. 

It is Sunday evening and Ferris’ Improv group has come together for the first time this semester to participate in and watch skits. 

Ferris industrial chemistry senior Adam Jandura stands at the front of the room and talks with fellow improv members before the meeting begins. 

Jandura’s own experience with improv has made him notice when newcomers grow and become more confident in the group. 

“It’s really cool to see people come and their first week they don’t really go up. They’re there to watch and take it all in. But then by the end of the year, they’re one of the people who always wants to get up there for every single game and people laugh,” Jandura said. 

Jandura is in his fourth year of improv but is serving his first year as the group’s chancellor. 

Ferris elementary education senior Don Lloyd found himself joining the improv group when he was originally a theater major attending Ferris, becoming interested when many of his friends from theater attended the meetings. 

“Improv is just amusing, fun and entertaining. There are lot of fellas and ladies in the group that just put together a serious gem of skits that they just make up on the spot. There’s a lot of talented people in the group,” Lloyd said. 

The night continues with students improvising their introductions before moving onto games such as “Sit, Stand, Lean and Doors.” 

Improv acts as a great way for students to meet new people, make new friends and let off some steam after a long week of homework. It offers students not only a new social network but an educational benefit as well by helping with public speaking. 

“I think a benefit of doing improv or attending it or watching, you can get a lot of life skills, a lot of thinking on your feet,” Ferris television and digital media production junior Colin Assink said. “Not everyone is able to think really quick thoughts, but improv will really improve that. Like, a while ago, before I did all the theater stuff, I was not very good at interviewing and stuff and being interviewed. But I know since I’ve been in improv I’ve been able to be quick on my feet. To help me focus more and respond faster to questions.” 

The group meets every Sunday at 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. in UCB 217.