We have an app for that now

Students can now use their phones to enrich their college experience

Ferris students can now have an excuse to look at their phones as campus schedules and other functions are streamlined into one handy app. 

Ferris has created an app called Ferris Go that has been available for download on mobile devices since Aug. 23. 

“Students have been enthusiastic about the ability to access their class schedule, location and course rosters within the app,” Ferris dean of student life Joy Pufhal said. “Many have also shared that they appreciate having access to the campus map and a daily listing from the on-campus events calendar within the app.” 

The app gives students the ability to view grades and class schedules, navigate Orgsync and Blackboard, view maps of campus, read weather reports, connect other social media apps and access the University Recreation Center schedule. 

The notion of creating an app to improve the mobile experience of students is not a new one with more people online than ever before. Many students have enjoyed their experiences after downloading Ferris Go. 

“I’ve used this app for about two weeks and I like that campus event dates are accessible and the Blackboard app is right on it,” Ferris criminal justice sophomore Jade Whiting said. “It’s more convenient than the regular Ferris page for a current student.” 

The human interaction behind the scenes allows the app to function as smooth as possible. A team of on campus experts monitor the incoming data from the app to ensure student satisfaction. 

“Our plan is to continuously improve the Ferris Go app, whether that means adding new features or simply improving existing features included in the app,” Ferris mobile applications specialist Steven Costello said. “We will also be setting up a small survey accessible from within the app allowing end users to provide feedback.” 

One complaint students have had in the past is that Ferris websites have not been user friendly. The creation of this app aims to change that and allow users to find necessary information with little hassle. 

“We are currently working on getting the campus shuttle schedule included in the app, along with a map that provides the GPS location of the shuttle. Plans are also being made to include the weekly dining schedule for each of the dining facilities on campus,” said Costello. 

According to a 2014 Baylor University study, college students spend half of their waking hours on their cell phones. Unlike other phone apps, this new app is aimed at facilitating student success. 

“I would definitely recommend this app, especially to freshman students because getting around campus can be a bit confusing,” Ferris political science sophomore Charnice LaGrone said. “My favorite part would have to be the course feature that shows you your class for the day, what building that class is in and the room number. Plus, changes in rooms during the week were found on the app too.” 

The Ferris Go app is available for free download in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.