Suit up

A useful resource for your next interview

The First Lady’s Attic is open Monday through Friday in the University Center, room 134. Photo by: Odette Lopez | Torch Photographer

College is full of students on a budget and classes where business attire is mandatory but before they break open their piggy banks, The First Lady’s Attic has them covered. 

“The First Lady’s Attic is a chance for students to get business attire like clothes for interviews and presentations,” Ferris hospitality freshman Ben Opphile said. “It gives students the opportunity to become successful and look professional for job interviews.” 

The First Lady’s Attic provides a free professional outfit for every student each year, something Ferris mechanical engineering technology senior North Yates has taken advantage of. 

“I came because I needed clothes for interviews that are coming up in the next couple of weeks. I wanted to be presentable at the job fair and when applying for jobs and it’s free for me,” Yates said. “I’ve only been here for a short while but there is a lot to choose from.” 

The Attic was opened in 2009 by Ferris’ President David Eisler’s wife, Patsy Eisler. Ferris administrative assistant for diversity and inclusion Patty Terryn is an employee who is also passionate about the First Lady’s Attic. 

“The First Lady’s Attic helps students so much,” Terryn said. “It gives them the opportunity to look successful for their interviews. We are especially busy right before the career fair. The Attic has registered over 2,728 students currently. We’ve supplied 1,872 males and 1,061 females.” 

Most of the clothing from the Attic is donated by alumni, employees and members of the community. Individuals can drop off gently-used clothing at Pete’s Cleaners in Big Rapids—a community supporter of the Attic. Upon drop off, mention the First Lady’s attic. Donations can also be dropped off at the Ferris Diversity Office, located in the Timme Center, room 312. 

“Students have the opportunity to take home one outfit every year. They do not have to go out and buy formal wear, instead they can come to First Lady’s Attic and get an outfit for free,” Opphile said. 

The First Lady’s Attic is located in the University Center, Room 134.