Yoga’na love this

Opportunities to destress during the school year

With midterms coming up, stress can be high for students. Thankfully, with most stressful situations, there’s always a solution around the corner. 

Yoga is a practice used to help a person’s health, ability to focus and relax, and is one option many students have considered. 

Ferris graduate Rachael Bridges is a master trainer for PLYOGA as well as the president and owner of One Fit Life. 

“Yoga slows us down for that dedicated period of time, clears our minds, allows us deep, meaningful breaths and helps to balance and center our bodies, minds and hearts,” Bridges said. 

PLYOGA is a blend of intense workouts and calming yoga. 

Having graduated in 2007, Bridges has been practicing yoga for about five years and firmly believes yoga will benefit the students of Ferris. 

Ferris pre-pharmacy sophomore Micaela Rice is one student who vouches for the experience gained in a calming exercise. 

“I can get a work out, it’s a stress reliever. I find you feel better, your body will feel better. You also have more energy and benefits other workouts,” Rice said. 

Incorporating yoga into a student schedule can be a difficult task. However, it has been managed by students with busy schedules. 

Ferris pre-optometry sophomore Daria Laisure has been a yogi since her freshman year of high school. She began her experience with yoga by attending classes with her mom but as a college student, finds it difficult to set aside the time to leave her room. 

“If I want to try something new I just pop up a video on YouTube, roll out my mat in the middle of my room and just do a couple poses for like 15 minutes and I feel so much better,” Laisure said. 

Students can also practice simple breathing exercises if they find they don’t have enough time to do the physical exercises. 

“Try deep breathing—filling the lungs with air, exhaling and emptying the lungs. This is one of the most effective methods to calm the body and mind which helps to relax the body and helps us work through stress. Everyone should practice some form of deep breathing daily,” Bridges said. 

Calming breathing exercises include: Ujjayi, an audible breath used in flow yoga, Simhasana, another form of Pranayama, Alternate Nostril Breathing and Meditation. 

“It really calms you down and it brings peace,” Ferris pre-optometry sophomore Sarah Sanocki said. 

Those interested in trying the physical exercises could begin with gentle yoga, which is good for those who wish to ease into an exercise practice or those who are looking for something simple and gentle on their joints.