Drugs in a Jag

Drug dealer apprehended on campus

A mysterious black Jaguar caused a series of unfortunate events for the Ferris Department of Public Safety. 

According to Ferris Director of Public Safety Bruce Borkovich, the issue started Sunday, Oct. 8, 3:02 a.m. when officers pulled over a black Jaguar on State Street for having high beams on. The driver did not have a license and the passenger, who owned the vehicle, was intoxicated. The driver was taken to the county jail for driving without a license. 

But officers had not seen the last of the Jaguar. 

Later that morning at 7:55 a.m., officers received a call from a visiting FSU parent. The parent noticed a subject in Lot 5 breaking into multiple cars and stealing things. Officers met with the complainant and they arrived in time to see the suspect return to their Jaguar. 

The officers attempted to stop the suspect who then took off running towards the pharmacy building. Officers chased the suspect, who attempted to get into the locked pharmacy building. 

At this point, officers received assistance from local officers and the suspect was found hiding in a dumpster. The suspect was not a student but was the intoxicated passenger from earlier that morning. 

A search of the vehicle revealed Butane Hash Oil (BHO), otherwise known as ā€œdabs,ā€ equipment, marijuana, packaging and digital scales. Officers also found a pill bottle with materials typically used for packaging heroin. 

Upon further investigation, the suspect was charged for breaking into vehicles, resisting arrest and attempting to deliver fentanyl. The suspect also had a warrant for a domestic assault from August.