The Good Doctor

A serious matter, a heart-wrenching show

“The Good Doctor” airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC. Promotional Photo

“You’re very arrogant” were some of the last words spoken at the end of “The Good Doctor” season premiere and boy do I agree. 

From the creator and director of “House,” “The Good Doctor” is a new show on ABC starring Freddie Highmore as a surgical resident with Autism and Savant Syndrome. 

Murphy is hired into a pool of surgeons who are more than skeptical about his abilities to be a resident at the hospital. 

After much debate and argumentation about if Murphy is capable of becoming a surgeon, Murphy’s ability to feel empathy and compassion are called into order as a last attempt to ban this boy from receiving an education.

I found this show to be infuriating in the respect that every character holds onto the assumption that anybody who is different should be treated as such, whether that be for better or for worse. 

One group of people wish to hold Murphy back because of who he is, while the other group wishes to hire him and change the way people see autism and savant syndrome. Either way, somebody wants something and I don’t think any of that interests Murphy at all. 

During many scenes in the first few episodes, you get to have a glimpse into Murphy’s childhood and all the good and bad memories that entails. 

Though the plot will be interesting as storylines unfold, it will be exciting to see where Freddie Highmore takes his character as Murphy becomes more comfortable in his work environment and with the people around him. 

With only three episodes watched so far, I have managed to cry at least twice in each episode. My recommendation is that if you are someone who enjoys shows that rip-your-heart-out feeling like “Grey’s Anatomy,” then “The Good Doctor” should be added to your DVR as soon as possible.