Locker room confessions

What happens behind the scenes in Ferris athletics

In the world of sports, spectators only see what their favorite team does on their turf. However, behind the locker room doors is where the real fun happens. 

Typically, teams adopt traditions such as singing in the locker room or freshman induction activities that build team comradery. 

The memories shared in the locker room or on the playing field will last them for a lifetime and build relationships that they cherish for the rest of their lives. 

Each team has their own unique traditions and confessions and teams at Ferris are no different. 

Here are just a few locker room confessions: 

Women’s cross-country: 

To begin, there are currently 16 women on the roster for the Bulldogs. 

When that many friends share a locker room there’s bound to be a funny or embarrassing confession. 

The women’s team said that they don’t have many confessions but they do have jokes. 

One such joke is that you know you run cross-country when you’re running around a pumpkin patch with half your clothes on. 

Senior Kelly Babcock had a few embarrassing confessions that often apply to several runners on her team. 

“When you run cross county, you can find yourself peeing behind an abandoned barn before your race,” Babcock said. “Honestly the grossest confession is that we have some girls who measure their showers by how many miles they’ve ran since the last time they showered.” 

Men’s hockey: 

When the men’s hockey team comes to mind, often an image of a straight-faced guy showing no emotion appears. That’s just not the case. 

“Our goaltender Justin Kapelmaster is the dancer on the team and always does a weird and strange dance in the locker room and weight room,” junior forward Corey Mackin said. “We always sing and dance in the locker room as a team as well.” 

When it comes to dancing, the team would agree that the Snapchats of senior defenseman Tyler Dorantes doing “his shoulders” dance to the song “Good Times Roll” by Griz would be the funniest. While Dorantes may not always know if he is being recorded or not, he is always trying to put on a show. 

Women’s soccer: 

The women’s soccer team is compiled of 35 Bulldogs and they have some interesting locker room activites as well. 

One thing this team enjoys doing is separating into two groups and moving to either side of the locker room. The team then jams out to Disney musicals like “High School Musical” and “Camp Rock.” Each side of the locker room takes turns singing, with one half being Troy (Zac Efron) and the other Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) and then Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato for the “Camp Rock” tunes. 

The soccer team has also admittedly adopted Dorantes’ “his shoulders” dance move. The team will do it before every game to get their shoulders loose to the song “Good Times Roll” by Griz. 

“As a confession, we as a team idolize Dave Cencer who is our strength and conditioning coach,” senior midfielder Rachel Fouts said. “We also sing along to Disney songs from our childhood Disney movies to pass time on the bus and our favorite food as a team is yogurt balls.” 

Women’s basketball: 

The Ferris women’s basketball may very well have the most unique and embarrassing confessions amongst all 17 Ferris athletic teams. 

The team’s pregame consists of dance circles to get loose and they have choreographed dances in the locker room. While these seem to be normal, what junior guard Riley Blair has to say may leave you speechless. 

“We have fart contests in the locker room. We also like going into the shower while it’s not turned on and singing for its ability to auto tune your voice. Multiple butt grabs are expected during practice and pantsing each other before and after practice is normal,” Blair said. 

Each team has something unique that makes them who they are. This is something that has been built in the tradition of each team here at Ferris and has ultimately helped contribute to so much success within the Athletic Department.