Diners in the dark

Nocturnal eaters are neglected on campus

I really hate having to walk all the way over to the Rock to get food. This is especially annoying when I’m hungry after the Quad is closed. Walking over to the Rock on cold mornings for breakfast before 11 a.m. on the weekends is also something I don’t look forward to. 

The Quad needs to have the same hours as the Rock. I currently live in Vandercook Hall, which is significantly closer to the Quad then Rock. Even though the food is arguably better at the Rock and the staff is more pleasant, I still enjoy the convenience of enjoying a bagel at the Quad within roughly six minutes of rolling out of bed. 

I also find that the coffee is stale more often at the Rock and I’m quite the coffee snob. I would enjoy being able to go to the Quad at around 11 p.m., which is when I generally work on homework and have some delicious, fresh coffee that’s paid for by my meal plan. 

As an ex-employee of the Quad, I understand why it would be horrible to work there for the same hours that an employee works at the Rock. The thing I hated most while working there was the lack of training when being asked to do a new task. 

I understand why nobody would want to work more hours at the Quad but if there was a way to boost the morale of the employees and have them stay later, my stomach would be very grateful. 

If they can’t keep the whole Quad open, then they could at least keep the front portion open where the “Pebbles and Rocks” section is. Being able to just come in and grab a bagel and a handful of cereal would definitely boost my motivation to get more studying done. 

I appreciate that the Market is now open until 1 a.m. but some people do enjoy being able to use their meal plan on more food than five unsatisfying options. Some people are what I like to call nocturnal eaters. This occurs when your brain becomes hungrier for information and becomes more creative at night, which in turn makes people very hungry when the moon comes out. 

Since Ferris claims to cater to many lifestyles, they should accommodate nocturnal eaters and have the Quad Café stay open during the same hours as the Rock.